We Take Profession Beyond the Numbers

Gold... Silver... Time. In today's fast paced world, time has become the most precious commodity. As your business partner, we understand these constraints and will work with you to find efficient solutions to your business problems and needs.

We take the profession beyond the numbers. Our commitment to professionalism, courtesy and excellence extends from the clients we see every day to the clients we see once a year. Being a full service CPA firm we are committed to stand by our clients every step of the way to bring them closer to their goals. We believe it is this commitment that has made us a successful company, with clients who value us as much as we value them. You have our word we're sticking with that commitment.

Our mission every day is to earn clients for life. We do this by abiding in a philosophy that has earned over 17 years worth of business from many of our clients. The philosophy is simply: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Welcome to Mouradian Filian & Company.

MFC Group are Glendale CA based CPA and Tax Specialists with decades of experience here to help with all your accounting needs.